Great Flutter Road Trip Hand Illustrated Map

In between the summer busyness of wedding season, quality time with the tinies, and the events of daily life, I happily hand illustrated the Map for the Great Flutter Road Trip for Flutter Magazine's 2016 Honeymoon Edition.


This map takes you through some of the most romantic cities in America, from Virginia to Georgia, stopping in five of the South's most charming cities. The map shows incredible details of all the wonder your honeymoon could hold - oak trees dripping in moss, abundance of flora, coastal cities, island hopping, and elegant estates. Each stop is represented by a hand watercolored icon or landmark.


The back of the magazine shows an overview of the southern states - showing the rich lushness and flora - magnolia and dogwood.


Let this map lead your imagination to your Honeymoon plans, an anniversary trip, your next road trip, or even a beautiful piece of art on your coffee table.

For more information about our custom maps, click here. We would love to illustrate one for you!

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