For a Girl From a Girl


Join the #foragirlfromagirl social media movement! 


Let girls in Afghanistan know that they are loved, supported and that there is hope.


@foragirlfromagirl. Share your personal note on your own feed, tag us @foragirlfromagirl and add hashtags in the caption on your post: #foragirlfromagirl #warriorangelsrescue @warriorangelsrescue

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 Your posts will be viewed daily by the Afghan girls that we are evacuating and the countless others still in Afganistan tirelessly fighting for their lives and sovereignty.


Give them hope and let them know that they are not forgotten. 

1. Create a personal message or art on horizontal 8.5x11 paper.

{You can print the image below as a template.}

2. Photograph holding it just below your eyes to show solidarity. 

3. Hashtag: #foragirlfromagirl #warriorangelsrescue

4. Tag: @foragirlfromagirl @warriorangelsrescue 

Then see it on our feed and know that you added a ray of sunshine to an Afghan girl’s day.


 The force behind the this movement and the rescue of girls and women around the world to bring them to safety: