Why Shop Small?

Honey Paper Custom Watercolor | Blue watercolor | Shop Local Santa Ynez Flyer

Why shop local? There is a lot of buzz about supporting local so we wanted to share a little more information on the benefits to the community.

  • By choosing local and independent businesses for your services, shopping, dining and other needs, you enjoy a more distinctive and personal experience.
  • Each dollar you spend at independent businesses returns three times more money to your local economy than one spent at a chain!
  • The casual encounters you enjoy at neighborhood businesses build relationships and community cohesiveness.
  • Independent businesses help give community its distinct personality.
  • Independent, community businesses are people-sized meaning they typically consume less land, carry more locally-made products, locate closer to residents and create less traffic and air pollution.
  • More efficient land use and more central locations mean local businesses put less demand on our roads, sewers, and safety services.
  • Generate more tax revenue per sales dollar.
  • Small businesses donate more than twice as much per sales dollar to local non-profits, events, and teams compared to big businesses.

Honey Paper Custom Watercolor | Blue watercolor | Shop Local Santa Ynez Flyer

The Giving Ink is so thankful to be a part of the Santa Ynez Valley community! We look forward to many years of service to this beautiful little corner of the world!

Content Source: http://www.amiba.net/resources/localhero/