Glue Gun Sealing Wax - 29 Colors Available


Sealing Wax in Glue Gun Format - Pack of 3 sticks. Approximately 20-25 impressions per stick.

Glue Gun Sealing Wax is the modern-day version of traditional sealing wax. Ideal for large projects, it is completely flexible and mailable and it is a snap to make a large amount of seals in a short period of time. The wax can easily be melted and dripped in quick fashion and makes a perfect impression every time. Although it is not a traditional sealing wax, this glue gun wax is made from genuine wax, and it is not a plasticized or colored glue like similar products on the market. The colors are vibrant and resemble genuine sealing wax. The sticks fit any standard size glue gun - no specialty gun needed! Full instructions included.

4" sticks fit into any standard size 1/2" diameter glue gun. A low-temp glue gun is recommended for ease of use and slower melting, but the wax will work in high-temp guns as well. For large projects, calculate the number of sticks needed by dividing the number of impressions you want by 20, and you will get the approximate number of sticks needed to complete your project.
Special Tip: This wax will adhere to all surfaces except glass, so if desire, you can make the impressions first on a piece of glass or mirror and remove them when they are dry. You can then attach them with a dot of strong glue or a peel n' stick to your envelope. This is an especially good idea for a novice to practice or when working with expensive invitations.Also, please be aware that if you put the wax on a paper that is waxy and non-porous, there is a chance that the wax may not adhere, since it cannot penetrate the paper, so in case of doubt, we suggest making a sample first so you can be sure the wax will stick.